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1) I take a maximum of one requests per person per time. This means that whenever you request something, you can only give me one prompt, and until I have fulfilled it, you cannot request anymore. You are welcome, however, to request more after your request has been fully fulfilled.

2) I am able to freely write in the following fandoms:

Harry Potter
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy XII
Chronicles of Narnia
Final Fantasy X
Kingdom Hearts

For now, that is all. Within it, I do have a few exceptions, however. I will not write incest in any of the above fandoms. It's something I don't do and will not do. Aslo, while this is not a strict rule, I would ask you to try to stay away from AU (Alternate Universe). I can do it, but I don't like to very much. At least not to an extreme. Also, I hate writing minor characters. When I say minor, I mean characters that have been given less than a page and a half in the book etc. Basically, very minor characters that are mentioned in passing and we don't know pretty much anything about.

All that said, use your judgement on most other things. I write everything within a reasonable limit. If you want a Harry/Draco NC-17/rape story while they are in their first year in Hogwarts (and thus 11 years old), I may not be comfortable writing that.

3) Don't bother me. I fulfill all the requests I am given, but it is not a full time job. I am a University student, I do have a job, and I have two other careers that need my attention. I try to fulfill requests as soon as I can, but sometimes, it may take time. Don't worry though, I will get to everyone. If it takes a little longer than you hoped for, please remember that I haven't forgotten you or abandoned the prompt.

4) Format. I am not asking for a special format, but be prepared for that fact that everything that you don't tell me is left up to my discretion and choice. If you don't specify what rating you want, don't be surprised at a NC-17. Here are some things you may want to mention.

Pairing (if there is any)/Characters (just main or the ones that you'd like to see)
Rating (G, G-13, R, NC-17)
Length (ficlet, drabble, full-length)
Type (Humour, song-fic, romance, smut) Please note that if you would like a song-fic, don't forget to give me the name of the song.
Prompt (situation, quote, word etc.)

5) All the above mentioned fandoms I am completely comfortable. That means that I've completely read the book, watched the whole show/movie(s) or played the whole game. However. While I am comfortable with most things in any fandom, and certainly like to experience and broaden my horizons, sometimes somebody is bound to request a pairing, situation or character that just does not float my boat. It could be because I just cannot write that particular character/pairing, or you have given me a situation that will make me uncomfortable/grossed out/unmotivated. That happens rarely, and I do apologize in advance, but if it does, I reserve the right of contacting you and asking you to change your request, or a certain part of your request.

However, if you request something I told you explicitly I will not write (e.g. incest), I will tell you so, but your request will be non-negotiably deleted.

~ NO anynymous requests will be fulfilled.

~ I don't exactly insist for you to this community to be able to request, but I strongly encourage it! :)

~ You must drop your request here in this post.
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